Sharepoint online list cmdlets

Sharepoint online is way better than hosting Sharepoint yourself, unless you like torture. However, I’ve found the availability of Powershell cmdlets for Sharepoint Online, specifically for searching and adding to lists.

There were a few community-provided solutions, but I found the performance of them to be poor with large lists. With some advanced Google-fu and a few hours of browsing TechNet pages, I was able to come up with something better.

Simple Sharepoint List Cmdlets

Now basic list tasks are as simple as this:

Import-Module "C:\Path\To\SharepointCmdlets.psm1"
$c = New-SPContext -URL "" -UserID "" -Password $SecurePassword
$myList = Get-SPList -Context $c -ListName "My List"
$myArray = Get-SPListItems -Context $c -List $myList -Fields "ID","Title","Description","Notes"

More advanced documentation is at the GitHub link above, as well as in comments in the code itself. Hopefully this helps someone else!