Powershell CPU Stress Test

I found myself needing to stress test a CPU for the purposes of running a laptop battery down to the point where it was safe to ship. I didn’t want to download any special tools to do this as I had sold the system to someone on eBay. I figured PowerShell should be able to … Read more

Sharepoint online list cmdlets

Sharepoint online is way better than hosting Sharepoint yourself, unless you like torture. However, I’ve found the availability of Powershell cmdlets for Sharepoint Online, specifically for searching and adding to lists. There were a few community-provided solutions, but I found the performance of them to be poor with large lists. With some advanced Google-fu and … Read more

My problem with open-source in a nutshell

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some OSS. However, I find that there are often times where a project is 90%-95% complete, but is missing one or two key features that would really make it a commercial software killer. Case in point: The OpenOffice Writer ruler.   This beast right here looks almost identical … Read more

WordPress wooooo

No longer content with re-inventing the wheel, I’ve switched to WordPress as the base content engine for Taco Island.  Let’s git ‘er done.